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How to use 4-7-8 breathing for anxiety
Posted on Tuesday February 12, 2019

The 4-7-8 breathing technique, or relaxation breath, is a method for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep. This article covers how to do it, its uses, and apps that can help people practice it.

Could this chemical help explain anxiety?
Posted on Saturday February 09, 2019

A new study attempts to unpick the role that glutamate might have in anxiety. The findings could eventually form the basis of more effective treatments.

What causes excessive yawning?
Posted on Friday February 08, 2019

Excessive, or frequent, yawning can arise from fatigue, anxiety, or an underlying health condition. In this article, we look at the causes and treatments for excessive yawning. We also discuss when to see a doctor.

A diet rich in fiber and vegetables can relieve depression
Posted on Tuesday February 05, 2019

Until now, the evidence that a healthful diet can ease depression has been inconclusive. But a new review provides a more definitive answer.

What are the signs of bipolar in teens?
Posted on Tuesday February 05, 2019

Bipolar disorder usually develops in a person’s late teens or early adult years. It may be more difficult to diagnose bipolar in teens because of normal mood changes during puberty. In this article, we look at the signs, causes, and treatment of bipolar in teens.

What is acute stress disorder?
Posted on Monday February 04, 2019

Acute stress disorder (ASD) is a short-term condition that can develop after a person experiences a traumatic event. Its symptoms are similar to those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and can include mood changes, negative thoughts, flashbacks of the event, and nightmares. Learn more here.

Letter from the Editor: Breaking the stigma
Posted on Monday January 28, 2019

In the first letter of 2019, Managing Editor Honor highlights the importance of talking about mental health in the workplace and what MNT is doing to open the discussion.

Simply thinking of your partner can help you manage stress
Posted on Thursday January 24, 2019

Being in a good relationship offers many benefits, including health-related ones. But, do we need our partner's physical presence to reap those benefits?

Common food additive may impact gut bacteria, increase anxiety
Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2019

Emulsifiers are in many food products. A new study asks whether these chemicals might be having an impact on our physiology and psychology.

The truth about 'Blue Monday'
Posted on Monday January 21, 2019

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year — is there any science behind it, or is it just a myth that has gained too much momentum over time?